Editing Services

Using Kristie Cook’s 20+ years of editing experience combined with that of our contracted editors and proofreaders, we offer a full array of editing services. We specialize in the paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and contemporary fantasy genres. To learn more about what we can do for you, email us .

It’s important that writers know the differences among the types of editing. Unfortunately, too many writers (and even some editors!) think they’re all the same or expect them all to be done at the same time. These authors don’t understand why reviewers complain about their books’ lack of editing when they paid good money for a professional editor. If you skip a step or try to cut corners, readers notice.

Developmental & Structural Editing — Struggling with making your plot work? Gaping holes that need to be filled? Can’t quite whip your story into a sound structure? We can help! Through editing supported by consulting services, we can help you make your plot stronger, your characters deeper, and your overall story better. This service is not for the faint of heart or anyone who wants to be praised for a job well done. This is for the dedicated author who wants to put out the best story possible.

Line Editing — A step down from developmental and structural editing, line editing evaluates grammar, language, and use. Is your writing clear? Concise? Beautiful and inspiring? Or do you have bland paragraphs, clunky sentences, redundancies, and a lot of purple prose? Whereas developmental editing makes the story better, line editing improves the writing itself.

Copyediting/Proofreading  — The last stage before your manuscript goes to production (aka formatting), copyediting is the final check for typos, spelling errors, consistency in style and use, and other basic errors. This last step ensures that any changes you made in the previous steps didn’t create other errors. It’s an absolute must in the publishing process.