Ang’dora: (āng-dōr-uh) n Gifts from the angels
From ángelos, Greek: angels, and dóra, Greek: gifts

First used in Kristie Cook’s paranormal romance, A Demon’s Promise. It’s a term for the supernatural transformation the main character and her bloodline experience as a result of their ancestry. At that time, they receive their powers–their gifts–from the Angels.

When we founded our boutique publishing company in 2010, we gave it the name Ang’dora because we felt the opportunity to share stories that touch readers’ hearts was a gift and, in turn, we wanted to be a gift to other writers. We began as a publishing company for founder Kristie Cook’s books with the intention to expand into helping other writers to achieve their publishing dreams. First, we needed to learn the ropes of the industry, which wasn’t easy considering that the advent of ebooks and self-publishing has kept it constantly evolving. We have seen some success, though. Kristie’s books became best-sellers with over 1.2 million downloads and sales, hitting Top 10 slots on all the major retailers’ bestsellers lists in the U.S., the UK, and Australia.

We now offer a few different ways to help other writers on their path to publishing success. These include publishing opportunities and assistance, such as Ang’dora’s Shared Worlds program, professional editing, formatting, and business consulting. We’re also partnering with other experts in the industry for some exciting opportunities we’ll be announcing soon.

Of course, ultimately, we’re all about the readers. The book lovers. The bibliophiles. This is our tribe. And we’re constantly striving to serve our tribe by connecting readers with books and authors they may have never otherwise discovered. We’re working on some serious cool projects in this area, as well.

Stay tuned! There’s so much more fun to come!

Our Vision Statement

Bring joy and happiness to the reading community by empowering authors to achieve their dreams and connecting readers to books and authors they may have otherwise never discovered.

Our Mission Statement

To serve authors, especially new authors, in the printing, publication, distribution and marketing of their books, allowing them to grow and profit from their love of writing and story-telling; to bring books to readers that they may have otherwise never been able to enjoy; to educate both authors and readers on the process of book production, from the first written word to reaching the reader’s hands; to contribute to the writing and publishing community in a positive, progressive manner; and to have fun and enjoy life throughout it all.