Formatting Services

Formatting, a word that can make some authors cringe and others run screaming for the woods. Unprofessional formatting of both ebooks and print can be maddening at worse and boring at best–for both the author and the reader. Sloppy formatting delivers a poor reading experience, preventing the reader from getting lost in the story.

When they’re too distracted by rivers of whitespace or straining their eyes on text that’s too small, too tight, or doesn’t flow properly across pages, readers are likely to throw the book down and find something else to do. On the flip side, when the pages are beautiful, they draw readers into their welcoming embrace, pulling them into the story. Unfortunately, pretty formatting isn’t easy.

Don’t invest your heart and soul into the story and lots of money into a gorgeous cover only to put out a book with an ugly interior.

We format both ebooks and print books. Our prices start at $75 minimum and are based on word length and design package. We can usually complete your project within 5 business days of receipt of files, most likely faster. Contact us for a quote.