Join Our Review Crew!

Do you enjoy writing reviews of the books you read? Are you able to read a book quickly and post a review within a given deadline? If you answered “yes” to these, please consider signing up to join our Review Crew.* Membership is limited, it’s only open at certain times, and slots fill up quickly.

Please review these guidelines to ensure this is something you want and are able to do before completing the form below.

  • Requests for participation for each release are sent out in one email the month prior to release. Each opportunity will include at least 2 options for you to read and review. You can select 2 books per month to read and review (sometimes more). This email will be sent from publisher (at) angdora (dot) com with a link to a form for you to complete. Please ensure our email address is in your safe senders list.
  • If you sign up for a book, you will receive an email with a link for the ARC (advance review copy) approx. 1 week prior to each release. These emails will come from BookFunnel with instructions on how to download your copy. Please ensure BookFunnel is in your safe senders list.
  • By signing up, you agree to post your review to Amazon no later than 2 days after the release date. It is your responsibility to send us confirmation of your review to maintain good standing with the Crew. You must be able to post reviews to Amazon using the following guidelines, for protection of your account and ours:
    • Ensure your Amazon account and social media accounts are not connected. Amazon rejects reviews if there appears to be any relationship between the reviewer and the author.
    • You will consider purchasing the book to have the Verified Purchase tag added to your review. Amazon is moving toward only allowing reviews for products bought from their site. Most retailers do this, so it’s not unusual. Amazon just hasn’t done that before. Now, based on the types of reviews they remove/reject, all signs are pointing to them making this adjustment in their policy.
    • Do not mention that you received the book as a gift or “in exchange for a review.” Although this is technically correct terminology, Amazon doesn’t like anything that gives the slightest impression that the review was bought.
    • Don’t  post reviews only for books you received from our Review Crew or any other author’s review team and not for ones you purchased. The reason we have changed our policy to one book per month is that Amazon is cracking down on those who leave lots of reviews but never or rarely actually purchase any of the books they’re reviewing. Some of our reviewers were shut down because they only reviewed Havenwood Falls books.
  • You may post your reviews to other sites, and we’d greatly appreciate your doing so, but only Amazon is a requirement.
  • There is no obligation to participate every month, but we will remove those who haven’t signed up and reviewed in at least 6 months.
  • You may unsubscribe to terminate your membership at any time.
  • We have the discretion to terminate your membership at any time for non-participation, breaking the rules, and/or to close the Review Crew down.
  • Sharing ARC files in any way, whether privately or publicly, is considered pirating and will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form. The files will be coded to enable us to identify the exact member of the Review Crew who has shared a file, and the member will not only be banned from the Review Crew, but their name will be shared with other authors and publishers as known pirates.