Author Amy Hale to Write Another Havenwood Falls Story

Author Amy Hale to write for Havenwood Falls High series
Author Amy Hale to write more Havenwood Falls

We are excited to announce that author Amy Hale has contracted with Ang’dora Productions to write a second story in the Havenwood Falls shared world program. The  New Adult novella will be released May 25, 2018, and features characters readers meet in her Havenwood Falls High novella, Somewhere Within (releases Nov. 10, 2017).

The Havenwood Falls shared world is a collaborative project featuring multiple authors and multiple series. While most stories are novellas, there will be some full-length novels coming in 2018. The program currently has over 20 authors contracted for 40 books, with more contracts being added every month. The signature NA/Adult series as well as the Young Adult series, Havenwood Falls High, are both fully scheduled for monthly releases throughout 2018 and into 2019. Ang’dora Productions is currently extending contracts for Legends of Havenwood Falls, a historical series to launch Spring 2018.

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