Ang’dora Signs Author Char Webster

We are excited to announce that Ang’dora Productions has signed author Char Webster to the Havenwood Falls shared world project. Webster will be penning a story for the historical paranormal Legends of Havenwood Falls series, releasing Summer 2019.

Char Webster weaves suspense, mystery, romance and humor into all of her books. She strives to make the paranormal world fit perfectly into real life, where anything seems to be possible.

Reading and getting lost in a story have always been Char Webster’s favorite things to do. She has also had a love for writing, which led her to her daytime career in public relations and marketing. After years of writing for others, Char decided to write something for herself.

Her books fulfill a lifelong dream of creating a world where people can escape reality for a little while. Char Webster loves living in South Jersey because she feels like it is in the center of everything. She loves pizza, hot sauce, French fries, dancing, photography and trying new things.

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